Gamepedia Viewer Version 3

After some on-again-off-again development I have finally released version 3 of the Gamepedia Viewer. This newest version uses react to build the user interface and syncs with Dropbox via the API. This means  there is no more server side component and you no longer need to fork a copy of the repository in order to use the viewer, simply point your browser here: and your’ll set.

Of course if you do not have your database synced with Dropbox you can still fork the repository and use a static file for the database. Details on how to do that are in the readme in the Gamepedia Viewer GitHub Repository.

Now back to our regularly scheduled lack of updates.

Annual WordPress plugin update.

Generally I don’t bother updating my WordPress plugins if all it’s for is to note that it works with the latest version of WordPress but today someone had an issue with the AutoSEO plugin not working as intended on older versions of PHP so I figured I’d run through the all, get them all listed as working on the newest version of WordPress (4.6 Pepper at time of writing). Most everything was still working as intended and only two plugins got any real changes today.

Auto SEO

Auto SEO version 2.3.4 is a compatibility update to support older PHP as mentioned above. I haven’t tested in on a pre 5.4 PHP server because I don’t have one, but it was a simple issue and I don’t expect there to be any further trouble (and if there is it’ll receive another update for that).

Github Repo List

Github Repo List version 1.2.2 fixes an issue that would prevent it form loading the list on a non-secure site, as well as adds a better error message if you type on an invalid username.

And that all for today. I would like to take some of the plugins I’ve created for work and release them into the repository as well, but I’m going to have to figure out who I need approval from and then get it. I don’t know if it’ll happen but if I can get it worked out I have at least one more plugin to release.

WordPress Plugins Updated

All the WordPress plugins have been tested with WordPress 4.3 and updated to reflect that fact. In additional to the testing I have also made a few other updates.


Updated the CSS/JS generator to be more reliable. It was already pretty solid, but I noticed that for whatever reason when I moved it to the new server it was erroring out. The changes should make it more resilient to random quirks like that.


If you have the overall average enabled it will not post microdata to the article. This data should get picked up by google giving your search result a nice star rating. I’ve checked it against the google microdata checker and it seems to be good, however it’s limited right now. The plan is to adjust it based on any feedback received so that it matches the real world use. If you have any suggestion feel free to send them my way.

The new plugins can be found on my plugins author page or, the plugin installer inside WordPress, or updated from within your installation if you have the installed already.

Server move and WP plugin updates

I’m in the process of moving site from an older server to a new one. The new one seems just as speedy as the old one, but it’s cheaper and actually up-to-date (no more 7 year old DB software)!

A new version of wordpress came out recently as well, and while the plugins seem more-or-less compatible (there might be a minor issue with backdrop), I’ll be going through them and at least updating their version compatibility notes later this week.

After that I may take a look at some of the other stuff I have on GitHub and update them (I know I have some changes for the DIR script, possibly some for Monkey). Then it’s back to never updating as usual (although I might be more included now that I don’t have to do stupid stuff to log in).

Auto SEO updated – first WP plugin with a translation.

I updated Auto SEO to version 2.3.3 today. There are no new features in this version except for a translation into Spanish by Andrew Kurtis of WebHostingHub. This is the first WordPress plugin I have made that has been translated.  I’d like to thank Andrew for taking the time to not only translate the plugin for submitting the translation to be included in future releases.

If you want like to translate this or any other of the plugins into another language just let me know. My other plugins are some translation support, and I can finish that off if there is another language you would like them to support.

Dir Update

My directory image resize script has been updated to support a few new features. You can new resize images with the “a” or “f” character instead of a pixel value to use the image size and users screen resolution respectively. More details are in the readme as well as the included example.

Backdrop updated, now with WP Customizer support.

Pretty much what the title says, I’ve updated my backdrop plugin to version 2.0 (well, 2.0.1 because of a small issue). This version supports the WP customizer so you can see the changes as you make them.

Also in this version of some removals. Since this was re-written some thing are inevitably missing and the way it operates is different. With the old Backdrop it would apply the background to the body element, like themes do. I received a few emails from people wanting to use it to have multiple backgrounds, something that it could theoretically do, but not in practice with most themes. When I was rebuilding the plugin for 2.0 I went ahead and used a pseudo-background element. This means that the background you theme applies is still there, and your backdrop goes over it. That, along with the new options for transparency on the background color, allow you to overlay a new background over your old one.

There is a downside to this however, because the background is always on a new element that has a fixed position, it cannot scroll normally. This is overcome by faking the scroll instead. While this is fine it does have a larger performance impact that it otherwise would. I have overcome this as bast os possible by using the requestAnimationFrame() ability in javascript, the backdrop will refresh as often as the browser re-draws. Some browsers still have a big of studdering to the animation, especially IE when handling lots of alpha level transparency, but it’s mostly mitigated. Another downside is that it requires IE 10 and up.

The plugin has been updated, you should be able to get the newest version here: