About Fat Folder

I started fatfolderdesign.com in 2008 with the goal of making a place for me to put all sorts of things I thought I would need to later. Things like how to use a certain library or create an effect that I didn’t have a use for at the time. I’ve found other blogs, both big and small, to provide tons of help over the years and if someone runs across this one and find it useful then I’m glad I could help.

I myself am a freelance web designer/developer base in the Seattle area. When I’m not programming at work I’m usually programming at home, or doing some other geeky thing. I also have a magical beard that gives me all my programming powers, luckily it has not been cut yet. Over the year since I started developing full time I have worked with small local companies to large international corporation bringing projects from concept to deployment using the latest hip new development framework (as well as the old reliable ones) and keeping up the modern trends and browser support.

I have worked with the regular alphabet soup (HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, JS, jQuery, React, PHP, MySQL, nodejs with a few other in a more limited case) as well as the common applications design and development software like the Adobe Suite, WordPress, getShopped, Social Engine, and even (when I must) osCommerce. Regardless of the language or platform I believe that code portability and understanding is king, keep it clean, keep it commented, and indent everything.

If your looking for some web design or development feel free to drop me a line. I not longer actively contract as my day job, transferring into the life of a salaried code monkey, but I do still do the occasional project from time to time. I work at a competitive rate and even offer discounted rates for non-profits and work that will go open source once complete. You can contact me by emailing [email protected] or by leaving a comment on this page.

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