Implementing the WordPress media uploader into your plugin.

If you going to be making a plugin that requires files, particularly images, to be uploaded than using the default wordpres media uploader is a great idea. Not only does the wordpress uploader take care of all the work for you it also has a bunch of extra features like cropping and sizing, and allow for selecting files already uploaded. Implementation isn’t particularly difficult either. Continue reading “Implementing the WordPress media uploader into your plugin.”

Creating Awesome JavaScript based charts with Highcharts

Recently I’ve been creating a lot of custom reports. You know the kind, sales reports, analytics reports, accountability reports. Reports that are rather boring, after all how do you make a table interesting. Why charts of course! For this I’ve been using Highcharts for hitting all the main points, it’s Free, jQuery compatible (heck, it’s jquery based), and well documented. So lets talk about charts. Continue reading “Creating Awesome JavaScript based charts with Highcharts”

Perfect PHP .htaccess rewrites

For quite a while I experimented with various .htaccess system to give me PHP both neat and, more importantly, SEO friendly URLs. Some systems have worked better than other, but not until recently did I find one that I really like. It’s incredibly straight forward and gives you amazing flexibility. I won’t be keeping it to myself though, heres what I feel is the perfect .htaccesss rewrite system. Continue reading “Perfect PHP .htaccess rewrites”