Basics of phpQuery – jQuery style DOM selection in PHP

One of the biggest time saving inclusions in jQuery is the selection engine, that magical thing that lets you use normal CSS calls to select any elements on the dom. It’s great if your working with pages in javascript, but what if you want to do this is PHP, no such built in functionality exists (at least none that work as well), thats where phpQuery comes in. Continue reading “Basics of phpQuery – jQuery style DOM selection in PHP”

Get GET variables with javascript.

Usually if your working with froms your working with a server side language to take care of the really work involved (I prefer PHP for it) but what if you don’t wat to do it that way, or even can’t? Earlier this weel I was working on a little project that may eventually become an iOS game via PhoneGap and on it there is a form. I wanted this form to both go to another page, but gather and use the information input on that other page. I could have used ajax to reload the document in place but I didn’t really see the advantage of that, the usual speed increase it negligible when your loading all the files locally anyways. Neither Javascript or jQuery have methods in place for reading these get variables, but they do have the ability to rea the URL so with some creative breaking we can get them anyways. Continue reading “Get GET variables with javascript.”