Unexpected Downtime

Seems one of my plugins developed a spontaneous syntax error. Looked at the code and it was fine, commented the line out and it at least loaded (although due to the now missing line it was filled with errors). Uncommented the line and it’s all goog again. So, literally nothing changed and it’s working again. I’ll try and figure out what exactly happened later but for now it’s up and thats good.

Hopefully there will be a post tomorrow or saturday, already know what it will be just need t find the time to make it.

One Year Old

Exactly one year ago today (although late at night) I started this blog up. Since that point I’ve managed to make a post almost every week. I decided that since my original theme was just a basic modification of a generic online one I would make my own custom theme for the site. This new theme is completely custom, and while it’s not done yet and missing some features I would like, it is mostly working and I think it looks better than the old boring white and blue one. Any opinion? Leave it in the comments.

Nothing new quite yet.

Took last week off because I was sick, still a little sick but I wanted to make a post. Turns out I forgot to send some updated code to myself to post about it. I’ll post it monday. I’ll also looking through what I have locally on my personal machine and see if theres anything worth posting, but most of it is just simple test docs and old work so I’m not thinking I’ll find anything.

Posting in the future may be more sparatic, I’m helping out on an older contract updating a few things and fixing bug in the Wordpress shopping cart (turns out even though it looks great, it’s just as bad – if not worse –  than oscommerce, defiantly not worth the money). I might also be starting a new project with a NPO, so that will take away some time, still plan on posting almost every week.