Backend Update

I updated the back end a bit, made sure I was running the newest version of wordpress and whatnot. Part of this update required me to go back through and update all the previous code sections to work with the new code display plugin I’m using. Overall a pretty minor update.

Still Kicking

Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. I’ve been off a week for medical reasons (damn genetics) and before that was doing design work, so there hasn’t been much to talk about programming wise. Luckily I’ve started some work on what will be a long term on-and-off project for a fully customized, from the ground up, client management system. I just started and I have a bunch of design/theme creation/problem solving stuff that has to get done while working on it but I should have something soon. I have to test some more items but a basic module based system has already been created. Depending on how much work I can get done I should be able to post the system later this week, and if not that something hopefully soon.

Happy 4th.

Little bit of cleanup

When googling for something I was working on for a contract I noticed my site came up. I was surprised by this since I don’t optimize for searching, even more so when I noticed the page was listed as uncategorized. I went through and fixed those and will go through and add tags and possibly excerpts to things that are missing them. Nothing major today.

Later (probably this weekend) I’ll make a post or two, have a few things I’d like to post but just haven’t really had the time.