Site work done for now

I think I like the minimal, image-free theme I’ve got right now so I’m going to take a break from working on the site to work on other things, maybe an example for the site or something. I’ve got a lot of old back code to go through so I’m sure I’ll find a couple of things to post about in that, and I know that theres some test files I make on one of my servers that I need to get off of there and into something a bit more findable.

Before all that though I have to migrate the databas from my other site to that same instance as this one, because my host charges me extra the way it’s set up right now. Jerks.

Hello world!

Okay so I started a blog again! YAY! Should be filled with all sorts of web stuffs I mustn’t forget. I’ve gotten quite a bit of help from similar such blogs over the years, so I though I should probably put one up to, share my solutions to problems so that others. If it gets scraped by google and someone else sees it and is helped by what I have on it then great, if not, well… at least it helped me.

I’ve got a lot more setup to do, install some plugins, modify the theme a bit, get tired of the theme and change it, change it again, and again, give up finding one I want and build my own, look for more plugins, install a bunch, uninstall them all, write my own to do the some things just slightly differently, change my plugins… you know the general blog set-up stuff.

I do promise I’ll post at lease one semi-useful thing before the beginning of next week though.