Annual WordPress plugin update.

Generally I don’t bother updating my WordPress plugins if all it’s for is to note that it works with the latest version of WordPress but today someone had an issue with the AutoSEO plugin not working as intended on older versions of PHP so I figured I’d run through the all, get them all listed as working on the newest version of WordPress (4.6 Pepper at time of writing). Most everything was still working as intended and only two plugins got any real changes today.

Auto SEO

Auto SEO version 2.3.4 is a compatibility update to support older PHP as mentioned above. I haven’t tested in on a pre 5.4 PHP server because I don’t have one, but it was a simple issue and I don’t expect there to be any further trouble (and if there is it’ll receive another update for that).

Github Repo List

Github Repo List version 1.2.2 fixes an issue that would prevent it form loading the list on a non-secure site, as well as adds a better error message if you type on an invalid username.

And that all for today. I would like to take some of the plugins I’ve created for work and release them into the repository as well, but I’m going to have to figure out who I need approval from and then get it. I don’t know if it’ll happen but if I can get it worked out I have at least one more plugin to release.

Server move and WP plugin updates

I’m in the process of moving site from an older server to a new one. The new one seems just as speedy as the old one, but it’s cheaper and actually up-to-date (no more 7 year old DB software)!

A new version of wordpress came out recently as well, and while the plugins seem more-or-less compatible (there might be a minor issue with backdrop), I’ll be going through them and at least updating their version compatibility notes later this week.

After that I may take a look at some of the other stuff I have on GitHub and update them (I know I have some changes for the DIR script, possibly some for Monkey). Then it’s back to never updating as usual (although I might be more included now that I don’t have to do stupid stuff to log in).

Dir Update

My directory image resize script has been updated to support a few new features. You can new resize images with the “a” or “f” character instead of a pixel value to use the image size and users screen resolution respectively. More details are in the readme as well as the included example.