Site changes a plenty

I’ve gone ahead and update the site starting with a new theme. This time it’s the current twenty-seventeen theme with a couple tweaks like sidebars on pages. I have also removed a bunch of the old examples as they were not getting much in the way of legitimate use, if you would like to see one leave a comment on the article and I can re-upload it.

Auto SEO 2.5.5

I have updated Auto SEO to support a few new keywords including categories and tags for that post. It’s been up on the repository for a few days now so you probably already have the update waiting on your site. Overall it’s a pretty minor update but the functionality can be more easily expanded so if there is another keyword you think would be useful let me know.

Plugins Updated for WordPress 4.1, Critique gets shortcodes.

With another version of WordPress released I have gone ahead and updated all my plugins. They all work on 4.1 just fine. During the update Critique saw a new feature added, the ability to place the review score blocks with a shortcode.


I have also changes some stuff up in the menu and added a section for themes… of which there is one that has not gone through review yet. Where getting there, now all I need to do is update the “Other” section.

PHP Inflation Class Updated

Just a quick update to my inflation class, it will now throw a notice instead of an exception, and today adjustment value instead of 0.0, in an order to try and keep the page running despite any errors. I also update the data.