Gamepedia Viewer Updated

Just a little update to the gamepedia viewer script. Dropbox changes the way the things were formatted in their gallery, this update accommodates for that and the images are working again. I tried to fix the app icon issue at the same time but nothing would work, never even directly copying code from other working sites.

WordPress Plugins Tested

I have tested and update the readme’s for all my plugins, they are all WordPress 4.0 compatible and seems to work fine. While I was in there I also fixed a little bug on Critique that would cause HTML to show on the site if you have a shot post that was so shot WP didn’t feel the need to add the more link. Everything has been updated on both WordPress and github.

WordPress: AutoSEO, Backdrop, Critique

GitHub: AutoSEO, Backdrop, Critique


PHP ASCII Tables Updated

My tiny little PHP class is growing. PHP-Ascii-Tables has been updated and now supports braking and scraping existing tables. This will allow you to pull data back out of a table that you created earlier. Works great in conjunction with saving tables directly to a file.