Other Projects

Here is a list of all the other things I’ve built that I felt were worthy of putting up on GitHub (and a few that weren’t but made it up there anyways). Feel free to take a look at the code, if you have any questions you can contact me and I’ll do my best to answer them.


A entire directory that resizes images for you using neat and clean path modifications, how cool is that.

Dragons Crown Runeodex

Find spells you can cast with runes carved in the world with this simple little offline-enabled web app for Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown on PS3/Vita.

GameFAQs Ripper

A quick proof-of-concept peice that scraped games and images from GameFAQs and generated grid based images from them.


View your always up-to-date Gamepedia collection view Dropbox syncing even when offline.

good greens

Searching the Washington State LCCB's nifty API.

IHME JSdev test


A simple single-class function that calculate an amount adjusted for inflation (or grab it from the bls.gov website it you prefer to wait).


a jQuery plugin to give any textarea line numbers


Matchbox is a simple, lightweight jQuery lightbox plugin with some nifty features.


miniDB is a mysqli helper class making it just a little more user friendly.


Monkey is a framework to build quick and simple AJAX powered PHP websites.

nes sprite puller

Pulls NES sprite data from ROMs using javascript.

PHP Ascii Tables

PHP ASCII-Talbe is a simple PHP class to output plain text ascii tables from multi-dimensional arrays.


Yet another jQuery color picker, but this one supports both HTML color names and (more importantly) alpha transparancy with rgba output.

Steam Costs

A PHP script that can scrape the Steam Store and tell you the total cost of everything along with a few other interesting breakdowns.

zelda 2 map extractor

Extracts the overworld map data from a Zelda II rom.