WordPress Plugins

Auto SEO

Got a large site, or a plethora of small sites, in need of some SEO? Sure you could spend hours tagging each page with good old All-in-one-SEO (who hasen’t?) or you could simply install Auto SEO. Auto SEO is designed from the group up to be fast and simple. All you need to do it fill out a single form and let the plugin take care of the rest. Descriptions, keywords, and robots all automagically entered into your theme for the locations you want to target. Yes, it’s really that easy.


Kick the boring stock WordPress backgrounds to the curb! Who said the background had to be boring, replace the normal WordPress page with one that has more options than you can shake a stick at.  We have your traditional colors and images sure, even arbitrary CSS for the designers out there. Thats not all though, retinize your background with a checkbox, make it full screen with another. Who said backgrounds had to go up and down? As you scroll down make it slide to the right, or left, or even parallax (like this site), the options are all there for you to play with.


Critique is a simple review plugin that can add single or multi sectioned reviews to either pages and/or posts. After installation and initial setup a new post meta box, “Critique Review Score”, is added to the right of the post and/or page edit screens depending on your settings. If you do not see the metabox go to your screen options and make sure it is enabled. When posting, simply fill out the form using either the inputs or by clicking the score line, once you save the posting your critique score(s) will be saved and displayed on the front end as well. If you leave a section blank it will not be displayed on the front end nor will it be used to calculate the overall average score.

GitHub Repo List

Have a bunch of github projects that you would like to add to your blog, but the though of manually adding in each one seem like a pain? GitHub Repo List can do it for you. With a simple shortcode you get a sorted, filtered list of all the repositories in your GitHub account. Shortcode usage details are always at hand located in the “Help” menu at the top right of post pages.

Old Plugins

These are plugins that I have previously worked on that are no longer in the repository and/or are no longer being updated (at least by me). If you have any questions about these plugins contact me and I may be able to provide old versions or even possibly updates on a case by case basis.

PGI Inventory Plugin

Build a website or manage your entire lots inventory with the simplest vehicle inventory plugin around. Not only does it offer a seamless AJAX powered vehicle search with multiple layouts but you can post to craigslist directly from the plugin. SEO friendly, slider and special shortcodes, and awesome version names, what more could you want. Free to autobase customers! Not an autobase customer, contact PGI for other registration options.

Note: While I built this plugin I don’t control registration or support, for those matters it’s best to contact PGI Auto directly, contact information within the plugin.

Need something custom?

The plugins above are just a small number of the ones I have created over the years. Most plugins are created on-contract for a company or are highly specialized and and are not released on the repository. This is were the good stuff falls, things like custom user registration systems, API documentation with call builders, customized storefronts with fulfillment, and cross-site related article widgets. If you can’t seem to find a plugin to fill a need drop be a line to talk about your project. If a custom plugin is the right solution I can work on it at a competitive rate and offer discounts for releasing the final product onto the repository to help the rest of the WordPress community.