Ajax sites with real URL using history.pushState()

If your building a ajax based site then one of the problems you bound to come up on is how to handle pages. There common way to do this, the hastag (#), placing all the information you need to load the desired page after the tag and using the javascript window.location.hash to get it and process the request. This works great, I’ve used it myself before, but it does post 2 problems. Continue reading “Ajax sites with real URL using history.pushState()”

Redirecting Users in WordPress with wp_redirect()

WordPress like to take control of the standard .htaccess redirect system, and it does a good job at it so I’m partial to let it keep doing that, but what if you want to redirect someone to another site it can get in the way at time (it seems that there is always something loading before you plugin because, well, there is). WordPress has a built in function to handle redirects for you using some voodoo magic thats buried in some random core file, the function is simple. Continue reading “Redirecting Users in WordPress with wp_redirect()”