Gamepedia Viewer Version 3

After some on-again-off-again development I have finally released version 3 of the Gamepedia Viewer. This newest version uses react to build the user interface and syncs with Dropbox via the API. This means  there is no more server side component and you no longer need to fork a copy of the repository in order to use the viewer, simply point your browser here: and your’ll set.

Of course if you do not have your database synced with Dropbox you can still fork the repository and use a static file for the database. Details on how to do that are in the readme in the Gamepedia Viewer GitHub Repository.

Now back to our regularly scheduled lack of updates.

Gamepedia Viewer 2.0

Version 2.0 of the Gamepedia Viewer is here! I know that since 1.0 has come out Bruji software has released their own way to view your collection remotely, but this view still has a few features they are lacking:

  • The ability to view your collection when offline (after initially syncing it on-line of course).
  • The ability to view items in your collection not in the “doghouse” system.
  • Customizable themes (although there pretty minimalistic to start feel free to fork the repo and go nuts).

The biggest one of those is of course that you can now view your collection offline once it’s been cached. This feature works on any modern browser that supports Web Workers and IndexedDB (pretty much everything on the mobile front, and most desktop browsers too). Once the initial sync is done you can come back any time and see the data just as it was. Works great as a web-application now, even has it’s own icon and everything, just hit the “Add to homescreen” item in the menu and it’ll show up and work like any normal application (well, almost, images do not show when offline because caching them would be difficult due to the size restraints, but you can’t have everything).

Since this is using your database and not the doghouse you can view items that are not in doghouse for whatever reason. If you have some unusual or just really ham-fisted a name into your collection (guilt) then it’s great, plus it’s quickly and easily searchable so cross-checking something you might already have is quick and easy.

The project is up on github (link below) so you can tweak it to your liking. Currently there are three default themes, which simply recolor the interface to your preference. If theres something your looking for then feel free to fork the project and start changing things or let me know, I’ll try to re-incorporate them if you want to share. You can also see it running with my collection here. The initial sync won’t be blazing fast, my collection is fairly large (940 titles at time of writing, with more waiting to be put into the system).

PHP ASCII Tables Updated

My tiny little PHP class is growing. PHP-Ascii-Tables has been updated and now supports braking and scraping existing tables. This will allow you to pull data back out of a table that you created earlier. Works great in conjunction with saving tables directly to a file.