Steam Costs script updated!

Updated the Steam-Costs script on github, now it displays the info in neat tables like this:


Theres more data than that to see as well, thats just an excerpt. Additionally, it now lists all the items currently on discount, during a big sale like the ongoing summer sale, thats a really big list. Check out off the details of a scrape I made on the 25th on the steam-costs github page or grab a copy and run it yourself.

Every wonder how much you would need to buy everything off the Steam Store?

Someone did, and they asked the subreddit /r/theydidthemath. I had never considered it before, but I have some experience scraping and playing with data so I decided to make a script that could tell me just that.

I was honestly expecting more both in number of items and in the overall sale amount, after the Steam Store is known for their sales. Anyways I have put the script up on github in case anybody wants to play around with it. The scraper is scraping more data that the stats are using, so if your looking for some specific information you might be able to get it out. It also supports loading old data sets to run comparisons against the big sales. Speaking of which there should be a Summer Sale any time now…

Basics of phpQuery – jQuery style DOM selection in PHP

One of the biggest time saving inclusions in jQuery is the selection engine, that magical thing that lets you use normal CSS calls to select any elements on the dom. It’s great if your working with pages in javascript, but what if you want to do this is PHP, no such built in functionality exists (at least none that work as well), thats where phpQuery comes in. Continue reading “Basics of phpQuery – jQuery style DOM selection in PHP”