Gamepedia Viewer Version 3

After some on-again-off-again development I have finally released version 3 of the Gamepedia Viewer. This newest version uses react to build the user interface and syncs with Dropbox via the API. This means  there is no more server side component and you no longer need to fork a copy of the repository in order to use the viewer, simply point your browser here: and your’ll set.

Of course if you do not have your database synced with Dropbox you can still fork the repository and use a static file for the database. Details on how to do that are in the readme in the Gamepedia Viewer GitHub Repository.

Now back to our regularly scheduled lack of updates.

Dragon’s Crown Runeodex

So I know I’m late to the game (heh) but I’ve only recently started playing Dragon’s Crown. Great game with same amazing artwork in it, 9/10, would recommended, all that jazz. Anyways the game has a magic rune spell casting system in it, which is great except for the fact that I generally can’t remember the less-commonly used ones. But no worries I spent part of labor day building a quick little looking app (and the other part playing the game). It’s entirely javascript based, and web application cache ready so you don’t never need an internet connection to use it (after the first load of course). I even gave it a custom little icon when you add it to your home screen on mobile devices. It is now up on github (which I’ll put below). I’m probably not going to do anything else major to this except change the spell descriptions to be the same as the in-game ones.