Missing updates

I updated Auto SEO today with a from-the-ground-up update that adds new features and improved the way it works. I’ll leave a post specifically about that, however this is more of a summation of the things I have not posted that I have updated. All of these will see at least a minor update in the future that will get proper posts (hopefully in the next couple weeks) explaining the features, and some need entire pages. If only updating wasn’t so tedious.

  • Critique Wordpress Plugin – Not even an update, a whole new plugin for adding reviews to your WordPress site.
  • GamepediaViewer – A little reverse engineering and you can view your GamePedia library anywhere on any device in a handy little web app, open source too.

And now for the things that may not see an update soon, but I should probably put a page up for (I should probably put a page up for, doesn’t mean I will).

  • dir – a directory that dynamically resizes and caches images with full retina support (well, to get technical, it’s pixel density independent support).
  • rgbaColorPicker – had an update that added support for forcing the output format.

And I have some projects in the works as I have time

  • Matchbox – a super simple jQuery lightbox plugin.
  • APE – an Ajax PHP Engine/Environment/Thingy, makes creating dynamic AJAX sites in PHP nice and simple, designed to be lean but feature full (meaning that it could be both leaner and more feature full if desired). Already in use in several projects, really just needs a bit more cleanup and documentation before release.
  • Form Fancier – a php library for making, checking, and possibly even updating forms automatically, works well with APE to provide nice ajax for submissions with inline error messages.
  • New Motivation Poster Gallery – website rework has begun again.

Plus new projects with my day job are going to be launching soon, what new things they may bring I don’t know, but if it can be open sourced then I’ll package it up and do that. Naturally given the work only small portions will make it out, but hey it’s better than nothing.

So, despite the fact that I rarely update I am still in fact working away.