DIR updated

I just pushed an update to my Directory Image Resizer script, now it supports a fuzziness factor when resizing images. Before, if your image was even a tiny bit off the ratio that you wanted and you were using the crop or padding method it would either cut just a sliver off or add a sliver of padding. Small distortions however arn’t readily noticable, so if the distortion is within the fuzziness factor it will distort it to fit instead. Can be disabled easily in the resizer.php options.

I also made some changes to the div.js script, mainly renaming it to dir.js (as that seems much more logical) and adding a path to prevent it from creating a bunch of cookies when it really only needs one.

Update is on github, ready to go.

Inflation Class Updated.

This is a class I haven’t talked about here, and for good reason, it was way to simplistic. Initially all this class did was scrape use the bls.gov inflation calculator and return the results. This however is slow, sometimes very slow, and I grew tired of waiting for it. With this update it now does the calculations locally for speedy adjustments. It also can do to-the-month adjustments now, something the bls.gov calculator does not support (even though they have all the data needed).

I know it’s a oddly specific thing to need, but if you need it check out the github repoitory.

Matchbox Updated

Just pushed an update to matchbox. Version 1.1.0 introduces the navigationLoop option, allowing the navigation arrows to loop end-to-end through the image set. I laos fixed a couple bugs; one where the loadingHTML would only show on the first load, and another were opening the same image twice would prevent it from loading. The there were also minor changes in the code and readme to make things clearer.