Implementing the WordPress media uploader into your plugin.

If you going to be making a plugin that requires files, particularly images, to be uploaded than using the default wordpres media uploader is a great idea. Not only does the wordpress uploader take care of all the work for you it also has a bunch of extra features like cropping and sizing, and allow for selecting files already uploaded. Implementation isn’t particularly difficult either. Continue reading “Implementing the WordPress media uploader into your plugin.”

Fist Plugin in the WordPress extend directory: PGI Inventory Plugin

Earlier today the I uploaded my first plugin to the WordPress extend directory, an inventory display and management plugin made for my current employer PGI Auto. Admittedly this plugin is a little abstract for the average site user but if your an automotive dealer, or making a site for one, and your using the Autobase inventory management system, this this will set you up right. It covers the full gamut of features including importing from multiple sources at once. it designed with gull customizability in mind, with movable and selection filters and display option on the search page and a customizable module layout of the details page. If your not to into the customization you can enable a default white stylesheet or turn it off to be left with a bare skeleton. Continue reading “Fist Plugin in the WordPress extend directory: PGI Inventory Plugin”