Another Year, Another Theme

It’s that time of year again, time for the annual theme change. I’ll admit it snuck up on me this year, so it’s not a completely custom theme. This year I took the 2013 theme base and made some minor changes, mostly removing the header background so I could use my backdrop plugin to do something a bit different.

Outside of that I only made a minor change to the next/previous links, overall I feel the did a good job on this theme and didn’t notice anything else I really wanted to change.

Thats all for today, look for another eerily similar post next year.

One Year Old

Exactly one year ago today (although late at night) I started this blog up. Since that point I’ve managed to make a post almost every week. I decided that since my original theme was just a basic modification of a generic online one I would make my own custom theme for the site. This new theme is completely custom, and while it’s not done yet and missing some features I would like, it is mostly working and I think it looks better than the old boring white and blue one. Any opinion? Leave it in the comments.